Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Review

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How Does It Compare?

Celestron PowerSeeker 70eq

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The PowerSeeker is a good starting refractor with a lower price than the GoScope 80mm, but it is a true beginner scope, and this is reflected both in the quality of its optics and its design. The tripod is also a bit less stable than the tabletop mount. All around good scope at a good price, but longer and with optical performance inferior to that of the GoScope.

Celestron AstroMaster 114eq

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Larger aperture than the GoScope, with more of a full mount that allows smooth manual tracking. Lightweight tripod leads to less stability than the GoScope. Good magnification with a short tube for good portability. Can't match the travel capabilities of the GoScope (what can?), but still a good grab and go.

​Celestron PowerSeeker 127eq

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Larger aperture than the 90mm GoScope, with very good optical performance. Offers really good stability in a full-scale mount and tripod. Jones-Bird configuration on this Newtonian can lead to a bit less image clarity, but makes it a good affordable beginner scope.

Orion StarMax 90mm

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Mak-Cass scope with considerable focusing range. Similar size scope, but doesn't offer the same image clarity. Similar stability with the same kind of tabletop mount. A bit more power at a comparable price point. Has a bit more complicated mechanism than the GoScope, but also a good grab-and-go or travel scope for those that want something they can take into the field or have at home for observing terrestrial and brighter celestial