Orion Starmax 90mm TableTop Mak-Cass Review

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How Does It Compare?

Celestron PowerSeeker 70eq

You can find the full PowerSeeker 70eq review here.

The PowerSeeker is generally lower priced than the StarMax, unless it's bundled with some additional accessories that bump up the price. Because it's a refractor without the Mak-Cass light folding, the PowerSeeker is also a bit longer and more cumbersome to transport. It does come with a full German equatorial mount, which actually has a bit less stability than the tabletop mount of the StarMax. The PowerSeeker is an all-around good beginner scope.

Orion StarBlast II 4.5 Equatorial Reflector

The StarBlast is one of our favorites. Full review here.

The StarBlast II 4.5 offers good stability and a bit larger aperture in a similarly portable package. It has a full German equatorial mount that makes manual tracking really easy. The StarBlast could be said to have better optics than the StarMax, and the fact that it's a wide-field scope means you get to see more of what you're looking at with the same magnfication levels.

​Celestron PowerSeeker 127eq

Check out our full review of the PowerSeeker 127eq here.

The 127eq offers a bit better optical performance in a scope that also can be transported and taken into the field easily. Doesn't offer the flexibility of a tabletop mount. However, the German equatorial mount with manual tracking and easy-to-set-up tripod is a really stable configuration, which will appeal to those not needing the smaller package. The PowerSeeker 127eq also, obviously, offers a bit more aperture, which increases image brightness.

Orion GoScope 80mm

We did a review the GoScope a few months ago. Find it here.

The 90mm StarMax certainly offers a larger aperture than the 80mm GoScope. Our observation, however, is that the GoScope's optics actually outperform larger, more expensive telescopes. Both feature tabletop mounts, and thus are appealing to those who want a grab-and-go scope. The StarMax also offers a pretty wide focusing range, which is nice if that's something you're looking for. In the final analysis, it's hard to beat the GoScope's optics at that price.